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Aircond Servicing, fan install, painter, find the best service provider that suits the job.
5 Listings


Oil change, repair compressor, install tinted, find the best person for the job
18 Listings


Cat groomer, on-call Vet, pond cleaner, find one closest to you.
1 Listing


Accountant, Office Cleaner, Freelance Marketer, find the right people for the job.
20 Listings

Cleaning Service

Looking to clean the house, car, or even shoe? There is always an expert near you
8 Listings


Moving houses or furniture removal, find the right transport person for the job.
5 Listings


Engineering Experts are ready for any job required near you.
3 Listings


Find an expert insurance agent near you for any sort of coverage
0 Listings


ONJOB is a Malaysia Business Service Directory Platform

A Business Service Directory Website is a platform that lists the list of services for a business in a specific category or location. A very useful website for people who are looking for a specific type of service in a specific area and a great way for businesses to gain more exposure, attract new customers, and possibly replace their website.

ONJOB replaces traditional business websites with a more advanced Search Engine Optimization tactical website that helps people on the internet to search for a service rather than a business name. Today, more and more people search on the internet for a service such as “Service Aircond” or “Bookkeeping Service” and find the right service provider near them to get the job done.

This Business Service Directory Platform may not replace business websites with full information about their services or SEO-optimized websites like Aqua Shack. Instead, it will help enhance these websites by summarizing their services in one simple page and listing page for people to briefly read before they find out more information like how Razer Merchant Services has listed their services in summary on ONJOB and link each service page to a dedicated service page on their website for the reader to find out more information.

With ONJOB, your business will be found through the list of services you offer and you can customize each listing with your preferred links and contact details Furthermore, each list of services will have its own data analytics to give you more insights for each listing and find out which services are most searched online.

Who uses ONJOB?

People who are looking for a specific service

People like Saf are looking to move to a new town and are looking for a moving company online. After searching on Social Media and other websites, Saf has some doubts about trust with some of the moving companies he found. When he goes to the ONJOB website, he found a specific listing that can help move his house furniture and gives them a call and they give him a quote.

He decides to go with them and they came to pick him up and drive off to Saf’s new place. They unload his things and everything is in good condition Saf is happy with the service he received from UD Transportation and would recommend them to others.

– Expats in Malaysia looking for a trusted service

Paul is a British Expat living in Kuala Lumpur for over 6 years. He knows finding a local service that he can trust is difficult as a foreigner. Paul used ONJOB to search for a Car Rental with a Driver for his large family visiting Kuala Lumpur and after looking at the two options available at the time, Paul decided to choose the one with the most images and the explanation in the listing gave him the confidence to contact the Driver for quote and hiring.

After a good 3 days of use with Rosli, Paul was highly satisfied with Rosli’s professionalism that he will reuse Rosli again and use ONJOB to find more services in the future.

– Businesses looking for a service

A mobile app developer based in Johor Bahru was looking for a payment gateway solution and has been comparing different options available online until they were unable to decide which is best for their requirement. It was not until they found a Mobile XDK solution listing through ONJOB, and contacted Razer Merchant Services to find out more information.

After a good discussion with Razer Merchant Services, they have decided to go with Razer’s Mobile XDK solution and they are glad they made the right decision. The mobile app developer has reused ONJOB again to find more services for their business and looking forward to seeing more services on ONJOB that they can trust.

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