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Razer Merchant Services

Razer Merchant Services is the leading merchant service provider in Southeast Asia that connects international brands to consumers across the region since 2005. Starting back in 1998 as a computer gaming hardware maker of the famous gaming keyboard and mouse, Razer expanded its business into the financial service market to service its gaming clients first before it open its door to the main market. Today, Razer establish itself in Southeast Asia’s market through its full range of alternative payment methods such as online banking, cash at 7-Eleven (Razer Cash), e-wallet, and more. Razer’s single API serves as a connector for clients to reach all consumers across Southeast Asia.

All Razer Merchant Services have complied with the highest global data security standard – Payment Card Industry: Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Service Provider Level 1, and also, the Malaysian Financial Services Act 2013. Razer has also achieved one of the lowest dispute transaction ratios in the online payment industry.

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Razer Fintech

Southeast Asia’s Largest O2O Digital Payment Network

– Leading payment gateway powering payments for some of the world’s largest online companies and serving over 52,500 merchants in Southeast Asia including Grab, Lazada, and Shopee.

– Integrated with local, regional, and global banks and schemes, supporting over 110 payment options.

– Provides core global credit and debit card (ie. VISA, MasterCard) and internet banking processing services.

– Supporting marketplaces and e-commerce sites with innovative and alternative payment options e.g., Razer Cash and Razer Parcel+

Largest Offline SEA Payment Network

– Over 1 million physical points in retail outlets such as 7-Eleven, Starbucks, .etc.

– The largest physical retail network that offers both games and non-games products (i.e. Telco PINS, Games, Events, Tickets).

– New cash-over-counter services to introduce physical products.

– 3rd party distribution of POSA cards including Google Pay, Netflix, Spotify, and Razer Gold.

63.5% YOY – Digital Payments Volume Grew
From US$4.3 Billion in FY2020 to US$7 Billion in FY2021

Razer Merchant Services

Razer is the Best Payment Gateway for your Business and E-Commerce Website 1 - onjob

Recommendations when choosing the right payment gateway and FAQs

Determine the most qualified payment gateway by analyzing the following:

1. Who are their most prominent clientele?

Razer is proud to be trusted by blue-chip industry leaders which have massive volumes such as:
Meta, Google, Grab, TikTok, Lazada, Shopee, Starbucks, Taobao, foodpanda, SHEIN, Allianz, 7-Eleven, Zakat Selangor, and many more.

2. How robust is the company’s financial strength?

Razer Merchant Services has been a trusted payment gateway provider since 2005. Razer Fintech, the financial arm of Razer Inc has backed Razer Merchant Services since 2018. A phenomenal FY2021 saw a Total Payment Value (TPV) of over US$7 Billion, representing an increase of 63.5% year-on-year.

3. How robust is the engineering team in maintaining the payment gateway?

Payment Gateways are very technically intensive services. With that in mind, Razer has 80+ experienced engineers with technical expertise and experience to manage high sales volume during peak periods.

4. What is the company’s track record and experience in the payment industry?

With 17 years of experience in the payment industry, Razer Merchant Services is a pioneer in Malaysia and the region’s e-commerce ecosystem. The solid track record in handling large-scale payment volumes is evident as they serve clients ranging from small to blue-chip merchants. With zero downtime, Razer’s systems boast a strong and stable infrastructure supporting merchants’ mass traffic during peak-sale seasons.

5. How substantial are the payment gateway’s volume capacities?

Razer Merchant Services’ infrastructure has the capacity to handle more than 100k simultaneous sessions at once. This was trial and tested during Singles Day Sales (11.11) in 2021.

Razer Merchant Services exhibited at Selangor International Business Summit 2022

Razer’s Key Competitive Advantages

One-stop payment partner of choice for online platforms

Market Leader in Southeast Asia

Scaling across SEA as online activity and digital payment requirements surge, as a result of accelerated digital transformation.

Scalable Processing Capability

Razer Fintech’s platform is designed to support merchants’ major sales periods and withstood more than 10x volume surge during the last peak period, 11.11 sales.

Connecting to SEA in One Integration

Enables merchants to accept payments in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Superior Payment Experience

Multiple integration methods including server API which Razer Fintech is transparent in the payment process.

Maximum User Reach Payment Solution

Provides card, internet banking, e-wallet & cash processing capability.

24×7 VIP Merchant Support

24×7 merchant support and technical standby resources to handle any ad-hoc events.

Apply Pay

Razer is the Best Payment Gateway for your Business and E-Commerce Website Apple Pay - onjob
Accept Apple Pay with Razer Merchant Services

Apple Pay enables frictionless card payments providing a fast, simple, and secure checkout experience. Grow your business by offering Apple Pay for your customers to transact payments seamlessly either online, in-app, or in-store using their Apple devices.

Lightweight on hand, heavy on the benefits

Faster checkout
Shoppers can complete purchases with a single tap.

No Additional Cost
There won’t be any cost involved to turn on Apple Pay.

Reduce cart abandonment
Shoppers can provide shipping details and contact easily within Apple Pay.

Increase Conversion Rates
Apps and websites enabled with Apple Pay see higher conversion rates.

Generate Higher Purchase Frequency
With a high satisfaction rate, Apple Pay drives stickiness as shoppers are most likely to come back.

Improve Privacy & Security
Every transaction requires Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode authentication.

List of Services by Razer Merchant Services

Easy Payment Plan

A credit card installment payment plan that enables customers to have the flexibility to make payments for a substantial amount through repayment schemes over a stipulated period of months or years.

Supporting Credit Cards include:
– Maybank
– HonLeong Bank
– Public Bank
– Alliance Bank
– AmBank

Virtual Terminal

An all-in-one payment processor in a form of a mobile app that suits any business, whether big or small, with or without an online presence. Accept and manage payments anytime, anywhere, and on the go!

Extensive Payment Method Supported

  • Card
  • Online Banking
  • Payment Link
  • E-wallet
  • Cash
  • Tap On Phone
  • PIN On Glass

Lightweight on Hang, Heavy on the Benefits

Ready To use
Businesses can start accepting payment within 3 simple steps.

You can grow your business and have up to 1,000 sub-accounts at a minimal cost.

Save Costs
A minimal charge for your sub-businesses or branches.

Accept payment anytime & anywhere just by carrying your phone.

Have full control with unlimited sub-account feature.

New Opportunity
Offer the latest payment methods that work best for new & existing customers.

Want to scan an e-wallet, or credit/debit card? Or send a payment link to your customer? With RMS VT, it is made quick and easy.

Razer Cash

An offline-to-online, cash-over-counter payment method which is the 3rd most popular non-card payment method in Malaysia. Razer Cash enables customers to convenience of paying cash for e-commerce purchases at their preferred convenience store nationwide.

Razer Cash Expands Your Business Into Untapped Markets

  • Students / Teenagers
  • Foreign Workers
  • Those who do not have credit/debit card
  • Those who do not have bank accounts & ATM card
  • Elders

A Must-Have Solution That Boosts Business Sales Conversion

– Processing high volumes of up to >483,769 transactions per day.

– Assists e-commerce sellers to increase an additional 10 – 40% revenue.

– Serves leading global and regional brands & merchants.

How does it work?

  1. Shop online and select “Razer Cash” as the payment method.
  2. Screenshot the transaction details (transaction ID, verification code, amount).
  3. Head to the nearest 7-Eleven / 99 Speemart / KK Super Mart store.
  4. Tell the cashier you want to pay Razer Cash, give them the details, and make the payment.

Mobile XDK

An optimized mobile cross-platform payment kit that allows local and global brands to boost in-app payment performance and deliver the best mobile experience to any platform users; native and hybrid.

Potential Benefits for Businesses

Optimized Cross Platform
Provides the best mobile experience to app users on all mobile platforms including mobile phones, desktops, and tablets.

Easy Integration Process
Takes less than 5 steps to integrate and 2 days turnaround time which makes it easy even for amateurs.

Support Card Channel Sales Campaign
Enables merchants to execute sales campaigns for card channel

Publicly Accessible Libraries & Repositories
Easy access to libraries and repositories for all mobile developers

Autosave Payment Data
Automatically saves and retains payment data until the payment is completed.

Support 9 Languages
The payment page can be presented in the user’s preferred language.

Support Escrow Payment
Eases sub-merchant and buyer’s in-app payment and operation.

Customizable UI
Gives flexible and customizable User Interfaces to fit any mobile theme.

Support Pre-Authentication
Helps secure credit card payments through simple pre-authentication.

Available at all major platform tools


A value-added payment option that enables your customers to benefit from dividing their purchases into interest-free, installment plans with any credit or debit card.

New Payment Option to Boost Sales

  • Boost sales conversion
  • A higher average spend per customer
  • Attract new budget-conscious customer
  • Effortless implementation
  • Merchants are paid the full transaction amount up-front

How does it work?

  1. Shope and checkout via “But Now, Pay Later” payment options.
  2. Fill in credit/ debit card payment details to split the purchase amount into monthly installments.
  3. Receive instant approval and payment will be automatically deducted.
  4. Wait for items to be delivered.

Gateway Solutions

A solution that connects online businesses to merchant accounts via acquiring banks.

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Seamless Integration

A feature that stops redirecting buyers to other pages before paying.

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Recurring Payment

An automated charging/subscription payment feature that eliminated late payments.

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Marketplace Payment

A simplified marketplace payment, which also helps to manage sub-merchants access.

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Mass Payout

A cash management service that eases sellers for disbursement and refund.

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Secure 1-Click

A tokenized web and mobile app.

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Razer Merchant Services Sdn Bhd
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Telephone: +603 5521 8438

Email: sales-sa@razer.com

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