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Malaysia Halal Certification is based on the concept of halalan toyyiban which is meet to the aspect of Shariah, quality, safe and pure. Malaysia Halal Certification is recognized and accepted internationally.

Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) and Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAIPP) is responsible for issuing the Certificate and Malaysia Halal Logo to manufacturers listed in Penang (Pulau Pinang).

Condition of Malaysia Halal Certification

  1. Register with the Commission of Malaysia (SSM) / Malaysia Co-operative Societies Commission / other government agencies.
  2. Hold a business license from the Local Authorities (PBT) / a testimonial from a government agency.
  3. Have a valid food premise registration certificate from The Food Safety and Quality Division (BKKM) (if applicable)
  4. Have a valid veterinary certification scheme or certificate or letter of support from the Veterinary Service Department (if applicable)
  5. Have a valid manufacturer’s license from the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Division (if applicable)
  6. Have a valid Establishment License from the Medical Device Authority (if applicable)
  7. In full operation at least three (3) months before an application is made (for new application)
  8. In full operation at least one (1) month before application is made at new premise (for relocation companies)
  9. Produce and/or handle only halal products including merchandise products and in compliance with the specified halal standard.
  10. Apply for all types of products/menus which are produced by the factory/premise.
  11. Application for repackaging must be accompanied by a recognized halal certificate for the said products or submit clear supporting documents stating the source of the material (for natural materials only); and
  12. The name of the company, product, menu, ingredients, and brand of the product applied for should not use a ‘halal’ statement or any representation or be described in any other way to show that it can be used by Muslims.

Malaysia Halal Certification Scheme (Domestic)

1. Food Product and Beverage
2. Food Premise
3. Pharmaceutical Product
4. Cosmetic Product
5. Consumer Good
6. Logistic
7. Slaughterhouse
8. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
9. Medical Devices

Reference Standard

MS 1500:2019Halal Food – General Requirement (Third Revision)
MS 2634:2019Hala Cosmetics – General Requirements (First Revision)
MS 2424:2019Halal Pharmaceuticals – General Requirements (First Revision)
MS 2400:2019Halal Supply Chain Management System –
Part 1: Transportation – General Requirements (First Revision)
MS 2400:2019Halal Supply Chain Management System –
Part 2: Warehousing – General Requirements (First Revision)
MS 2400:2019Halal Supply Chain Management System –
Part 3: Retailing – General Requirements (First Revision)

Qualified Applications According To Scheme

Food Product and Beverages– Manufacturer / Producer
– Re-packer
– Central Kitchen
– Brand Owner
Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Goods, and Medical Devices– Manufacturer / Producer
– Re-packer
– Brand Owner
Food Premise– Hotel (Kitchen and/or Restaurant)
– Restaurant / Cafe
– Canteen
– Bakery
– Chain Food Premise
– Catering and / or Catering Food Premise
– Convention Central Kitchen
– Mobile Premise
– Cafeteria Operating in Food Court
– Kiosk
Logistic– Transportation (land, sea, and air)
– Warehouse
– Retails
Slaughterhouse– Slaughterhouse of chicken or other poultry or rabbit
– Slaughterhouse of goat, sheep, deer, cattle, buffalo, or camel
– Other Slaughterhouse of any halal animals (subject to approval of the competent authority)
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM):
Manufacturer and/or re-packer
– Food and Beverage
– Cosmetic
– Pharmaceutical
– Consumer Good
– Slaughter House
– Medical Devices

Application which are not eligible

  1. Non-halal products and menu
  2. Companies that produce and distribute halal and non-halal products (including food delivery services)
  3. Usage of similar branding for halal and non-halal products and services (subject to application in Malaysia)
  4. Any application with no standard reference/guidelines
  5. Product/food premise which gives negative implication towards religion and social (example karaoke centre, entertainment centre, drug, shisha, cigarette, hair dye, nail polish, and others)
  6. Natural products which do not involve any processing, repackaging, and relabeling such as fresh fish, fresh vegetables, fresh egg, and .etc
  7. Company, products, menu, and brands which use the name or synonymous names with non-halal or confusing terms such as ham, bak kut teh, bacon, beer, rum, hot dog, char siew, .etc.
  8. Local and important finished products which are relabeled without undergoing any processes in Malaysia
  9. Food premise which prepare non-halal menu
  10. Products which are in the early stages of research and development (R&D) and not yet ready to be commercialized
  11. Products, menu, and services that can be lead to deviation of aqidah, superstition, and deception
  12. Hotel with kitchen that prepares pork based menu
  13. Products that do not need to be halal certified such as fertilizer, paper, cement, tiles, pesticides, carpets, .etc

Scope of General Requirements

1. Raw Material
2. Product, Menu, and Services
3. Processing
4. Storage
5. Equipment and Goods
6. Packaging, Label, and Advertising
7. Transportation and Distribution
8. Premise
9. Worker
10. Sanitation
11. Worker’s Basic Amenities, and Welfare
12. Traning and Halal Competency
13. Malaysia Halal Management System (MHMS)
14. Record and Documentation
15. Free from Tools and Elements of Worship
16. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
17. Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

Management Responsibilities

Large & Medium Industry

  • Establish Halal Assurance
  • Establish Internal Halal Comittee
  • Appoint a Halal Executive
  • Appointment minium of two Muslim workers:
    – Permanent Post
    – Malaysian Citizen
    – Full-time in the Processing area

Small Industry

  • Establish Internal Halal Control including Halal Policy
  • Appoint one Muslim Supervisor
  • Appoint a minimum one of Muslim worker:
    – Permanent Post
    – Malaysian Citizen
    – Full-time in the Processing area

Micro Industry

  • Establish Internal Halal Control Including Halal Policy
  • Appoint minimum one of Muslim worker:
    – Permanent Post
    – Malaysian Citizen
    – Full-time the Processing area

Internal Halal Control System (IHCS)

  • IHCS is compulsory for Small and Micro Industry Category
  • IHCS must be recorded, documented, and can be reviewed during auditing and monitoring
  • IHCS Elements:
    – Halal Policy – It must be understood and disseminated to relevant parties
    – Control procedures of raw materials, supplier and customers
    – Procedures for traceability of raw materials, suppliers, customers, and finished product

Halal Assurance System (HAS)

  • HAS is compulsory for Large and Medium Industry Category
  • HAS Elements:
    – Halal Executive Appointment for each premise branch
    – The Establishment of an Internal Halal Committee with at least four members including representatives of procurement / processing division and the processing/operations division
application for halal certification in penang - meat - onjob malaysia

Certification Fee

The prices written below are as of October 2022 and should be used as a reference only

1. Processing Fee

i. Company / Applicant registered in Malaysia: RM20.00

ii. Overseas registered company / applicant with domestic product manufacturing: RM200.00

2. Product and Services Certification Fee by Industry Category (Company Registered in Malaysia)

CategoryFee (RM) / Year
MicroAnnual turnover less than RM300,000.00100.00
SmallAnnual turnover between RM300,000.00 and RM14,999,999.99400.00
MediumAnnual turnover between RM15 Million and RM50 Million700.00
LargeAnnual turnover exceeds RM50 Million1,000.00


i. Food & Beveragev. Logistic
ii. Cosmeticvi. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
iii. Pharmaceuticalvii. Medical Devices
iv. Consumer Goodviii. Central Kitchen

3. Product and Services Certification fee by Industry Category (Overseas Registered Company with Domestic Product Manufacturing)

CategoryFee (RM) / Year
ASEAN Countries2,500.00
Other Countries10,000.00


i. Food & Beverageiv. Consumer Good
ii. Cosmeticv. Medical Devices
iii. Pharmaceutical

4. Food Premise Certification Fee


i. Restaurant and Cafev. Mobile Premise
ii. Canteenvi. Cafeteria Operating in Food Court
iii. Bakeryvii. Kiosk
iv. Chain Food Premise

Fee of RM100 / Year for each premise for application above

Food Premise Scheme (Hotel)

CategoryFee (RM) Each Kitchen or Restaurant / Year
4 Stars and above500.00
3 Stars and below200.00

Food Premise Scheme (Catering / Food Catering Services / Convention Central Kitchen)

Type of IndustryFee (RM)/ Year
Annual turnover less than RM500,000.00
Annual turnover between RM500,000.00 and RM5 Million
Annual turnover exceeds RM5 Million

5. Slaughterhouse Certification Fee


Types of AnimalsDaily ProductionFee (RM)/ Year
Chicken or other poultry or rabbit1 – 2,999 birds/heads100.00
Goat, sheep, or deer1-499 heads100.00
Cattle, buffalo, or camel1-49 heads100.00


Types of AnimalsDaily ProductionFee (RM)/ Year
Chicken or other poultry or rabbit3,000 – 10,000 birds/heads400.00
Goat, sheep, or deer500-700 heads400.00
Cattle, buffalo, or camel50-100 heads400.00


Types of AnimalsDaily ProductionFee (RM)/ Year
Chicken or other poultry or rabbitExceeds 10,000 birds/heads700.00
Goat, sheep, or deerExceeds 700 heads700.00
Cattle, buffalo, or camelExceeds 100 heads700.00

6. Other Fees

SubjectFee (RM)
Menu additions include promotional menus200.00/ 2 years
Halal logo poster printing (for Food Premise Scheme)50.00/ piece of poster
Reprint of Certificate (Companies registered in Malaysia)50.00/ piece of certificate
Reprint of Certificate (Overseas company registered with domestic product manufacturing)100.00/ application
Consignment Note100.00/ consignee recipient

7. Payment

The company/applicant must make a payment of certification within 14 working days after receiving the payment charge letter through the MYeHALAL System. The proof of payment slip must be submitted to the Halal Management Division, Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department.

Certification Application Procedure

Visit the Official Website: www.halal.gov.my and click on MYeHALAL System, register for a new account and start the application through the online form.

Checklist of Supporting Document (New Application)

Click the button below to access the Checklist in Excel format (Google Sheets) for you to edit and print

Please make a copy for editing and select the Category from the tabs


Halal Management Division Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department
Aras 44
George Town
Pulau Pinang
Tel: +04 250 5451
Email: ehalal@penang.gov.my

Jabatan Hal Ehwal Agama Islam Pulau Pinang
Halal Malaysia Portal

The contents of this article are sourced and referenced from a booklet by Halal Management Division Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department, please visit the Official Website listed above and contact the administration for the latest reference, pricing updates, and any latest regulations.

The booklet was sourced during the Selangor International Expo (F&B) under Selangor International Business Summit 2022 from the exhibitor Penang Halal International Sdn Bhd

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