Earn a 30% Commission for every sale you closed as ONJOB Agent! Earn again every year for every renewal forever!

What is ONJOB?

ONJOB is a 2-in-1 platform

ONJOB is a Malaysia Business Service Directory Platform

A Business Service Directory Website is a platform that lists the list of services for a business in a specific category or location. A very useful website for people who are looking for a specific type of service in a specific area and a great way for businesses to gain more exposure, attract new customers and possibly replace their website.

You can see some of the Services on ONJOB here

ONJOB is also a Landing Page Link Builder or better known as Mini Website

ONJOB’s Landing Page Link Builder is built to be highly advanced where with 1 link, you can put all your social media links, email, website, google map links, and WhatsApp link in one place. It can also add the list of services a business offer to the same page to let the customer know what you do and what you offer.

Some examples of Landing Page Links as below:

  1. Razer Merchant Services
  2. My Phone Station
  3. ChooChee
  4. Vaz-Maz Engineering Works

You can also see the list of Vendors here

Why ONJOB for Business?

ONJOB helps business owners of any size, agents, and freelancers to simplify everything about them into 1 link! Easier for them to share with everyone and to put in their bio. Read more about link in bio

ONJOB also helps to advertise the business online through the platform as verified vendors and services, and through article making.

Some examples of articles we do for free (at random):

  1. What is Web3
  2. Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor
  3. Petanda and perlu servis aircond

Some examples of paid articles (you will get a commission too for this added offer):

  1. MyKar Project
  2. For Wholesale Business Owner

It is a 2-in-1 deal for the business. They pay not only to create a landing page link but also can advertise on the same platform and get new customers.

On top of all this, why would a business pay to be on ONJOB platform to advertise and use as landing page link?

Alot of businesses pay for advertising online or offline. The businesses who pay for advertising understand the benefit of exclusive advertising, and it is rare for platforms to feature some businesses in their articles for free. So, in the business perspective, this is another advertising strategy.

As ONJOB Agent, you will find businesses who already and doing online advertising and they are looking ways to increase their brand online or new ways to generate sales / leads.

Through ONJOB, businesses can do brand marketing and sales marketing for 1 affordable price!

ONJOB vs Mudah

Mudah is a Marketplace where anyone can post online their product or services.

When we say anyone, we mean anyone (Fake or Real or Scam) can post anything there and there are risk for customer “kena scam”

If not kena scam, your posting might be overtake by newer posting or kena spam by multiple posting of the same service

All this means the risk of a business listing sometime cannot get new customer. You must consistently update posting to capture new leads if any.

ONJOB is a Service Directory. All the services posted is from verified vendors. This means customers trusted more on ONJOB for professional service versus Mudah.

Compare to mudah, customer have to search and find one by one which postings they like and trust vs on ONJOB customer save time in finding a trusted listing and only spend time to choose which listing they like.

Read the full sales page here

ONJOB vs Shopee

Shopee is an e-Commerce Marketplace to buy and sell products

ONJOB is a Service Directory to find and upload services

It is two different industry and purpose

become an onjob agent - g - onjob malaysia

Who and How to be ONJOB Agent?

Anyone who has experience as an Agent can be an ONJOB Agent as their added value. If you just started and are new to the world of agents, you too are more than welcome.

If you already have a list of businesses as an agent, you can add value to your service and offer ONJOB platform to your customer to increase your value and commission.

If you are currently an agent for property, internet, water filter, marketing agency, or any form of agent; this is a great added value service to your current business customers.

As an ONJOB Agent, your information will be publicly listed on the onjob website as a verified agent to give confidence to your customer that you are a legitimate ONJOB Agent!

Who is the best customer to use ONJOB?

Almost any business that wants to grow online will be benefit using ONJOB platform and includes:

  • Accounting Office
  • Law Firm
  • Bank Branch
  • Workshop
  • Engineering Company
  • IT Company
  • Tech Company
  • Import Export Dealers
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Government Agencies
  • Organizations
  • Property Agents
  • Network Marketing Companies
  • Water and Air Filter Agencies
  • Holding Company
  • Investment Company
  • Wholesale Company
  • Software Company
  • and many more, just contact and discuss with us for any business customer that you have and we will help advice

Businesses that wont benefit much from ONJOB (or harder to convert) are:

  • Convenient Shop
  • Small Food Shop
  • Restaurant
  • e-Commerce Sellers

ONJOB’s market is B2B sector, any business that does B2C wont find much benefit using ONJOB platform unless they want to expand into the B2B market.

How does the Commission work for ONJOB Agent?

As an ONJOB Agent, you will get up to 30% Commission from the Annual Advertising Package here

You will receive a discount voucher code to give to your customer where they get an extra discount from the advertised price and when they complete the payment, you will receive your commission.

The unique discount voucher code is dedicated to only you so we know the sale has come from you.

As the customer is paying for 1 year, this means when they renew next year, you will continue to receive the commission for as long as the customer continues to renew.

On top of this, ONJOB will roll out more services to offer including dedicated article writing, custom tech business card, events, and many more. This means you can continuously add value to your customer and earn more!

ONJOB Agent program is a commission-based program, there is no offering of any form of employment.

ONJOB Agent program is also a limited slot program. There will only be a limited number of agents for the time being.

For more information, feel free to ask us via WhatsApp


Q: Is ONJOB Agent an employment?
A: No, ONJOB Agent Program is a commission based program, you get paid a commission for every successful sale you provided and you can work at your own time

Q: Does ONJOB provide training?
A: For the moment, ONJOB does not provide any training, only guide and advice. For a new and non-experience in the agent industry, this may be a difficult program but ONJOB will do our best to guide and if you are within Kuala Lumpur, we can arrange for a one to one session (subject to availability)

Q: Does ONJOB provide marketing material?
A: Yes, ONJOB will provide marketing material to help with your marketing

become an onjob agent - onjob malaysia

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