wall decoration

Surprisekeknes’ 101 Wall Decoration: Ekspresikan Kasih Sayang Anda

Anda ingin menghiasi hari penting bersama orang tersayang tapi dinding anda terlihat kosong tanpa wall decoration? Mengimpikan hiasan yang cantik dan mengagumkan? Dinding adalah kanvas yang menunggu untuk dihiasi dengan kisah-kisah istimewa. Dalam memikirkan cara untuk menghiasi dinding untuk majlis ulang tahun, tema romantik bagi pasangan yang baharu jatuh cinta, ulang tahun perkahwinan, atau perhimpunan […]

room decoration

Suprisekeknes: The Ultimate Room Decoration Awaits

Hey there, party-loving pals! 🎉Do you love to have a party in your room?? If you’re looking for an epic way to surprise your loved ones on their special day, you’ve stumbled upon the right blog post. Today, we’re going to take you on a magical journey into the world of Suprisekeknes, the ultimate destination […]

picnic party

Suprisekeknes: The Best Picnic Party Planner 🍃🎉

Hai kawan-kawan yang gemar berpesta dan pencinta picnic! Inginkan pengalaman picnic yang berbeza bersama orang kesayangan anda? Jika anda berada di Malaysia, khususnya di bandaraya yang berwarna-warni seperti Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur, anda berada di tempat yang betul. Kami akan berkongsi rahsia perancang pesta paling hebat – Suprisekeknes! 🎈🎊 Kejutan, Kejutan! Apakah Suprisekeknes? Suprisekeknes adalah […]

Elevate Your Fabrication Business with the Benefits of Custom Plastic Extrusion Profiles: A Winning Solution by ONJOB Manufacturing - 1

Elevate Your Fabrication Business with the Benefits of Custom Plastic Extrusion Profiles: A Winning Solution by ONJOB Manufacturing Malaysia

Transform your fabrication business with the latest technology and expert craftsmanship of custom plastic extrusion profiles with ONJOB Manufacturing Malaysia. Our complete guide covers everything you need to know about this cost-effective solution, including its numerous benefits and how it can maximize your production efficiency. Learn how custom plastic extrusion profiles can elevate your business […]

what is web3 and the future for business owner in malaysia - onjob malaysia

What is Web3 and The Future for Business Owner in Malaysia

Many business owners in Malaysia may be asking what is Web3 and how this may affect their business online. In this article, we will dive briefly into the basic understanding of what is Web3, its potential implications for business owners, challenges that need to be overcome before it can truly reach its full potential, and […]

application for halal certification in penang - onjob malaysia

Application for Halal Malaysia Certification in Penang

Malaysia Halal Certification is based on the concept of halalan toyyiban which is meet to the aspect of Shariah, quality, safe and pure. Malaysia Halal Certification is recognized and accepted internationally. Department of Islamic Development (JAKIM) and Penang Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAIPP) is responsible for issuing the Certificate and Malaysia Halal Logo to manufacturers […]

benefits of using dropee for wholesale business owners - onjob malaysia

Benefits of using Dropee for Wholesale Business Owners

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s more difficult than ever for wholesale business owners to keep up with the current trends and compete with eCommerce stores. With these ever-changing factors, it’s no wonder that many wholesale businesses fail within the first two years. In this competitive environment, it may appear that a single mistake can […]

Selangor International Business Summit 2022 - ONJOB Malaysia
Business Event

Selangor International Business Summit 2022

The Selangor International Business Summit (SIBS 2022), initiated by the Selangor State Government and powered by Invest Selangor Berhad, is a fully physical event to showcase the best opportunities and most advanced innovations that the Golden State has to offer. Located at the prestigious Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and spread over numerous Halls and Levels, […]

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