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Changing How Businesses be Found Online

Join the new way of businesses who are actively using ONJOB to easily explain to their customers the services they offer and close & convert qualified leads faster!

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What’s a Service Directory Platform?

What is the difference between a Business Directory / Marketplace Website and a Service Directory Platform?

First, here is an example of Malaysia’s famous Marketplace Website

Here is another example of an International Business Directory Website in Malaysia

Finally, here is an example of a Business Profile from the famous Map App

And here is an example of ONJOB’s Service Directory Page

Here is the question to keep in mind, which of the above page gives customers a clear view of what your business has to offer?

Notice the difference between other websites above and ONJOB’s when it comes to displaying a business or services like yours?

The 1 website and the map app above are the traditional way of online business advertising which is advertising your business as a profile, and you would add links for contact information + social media to find out more information.

The other way is to advertise your service on a Malaysia’s marketplace website but you will be squashed over with an ultra-wide range of categories and other businesses spamming the listing category, which means you need to pay an advertising fee to the platform to get your listings featured and the cost may go over hundreds or thousands of Ringgit to meet with the ROI cost versus closed leads.

ONJOB has taken a different approach to help businesses to advertise online and we made it the way the current and how the future use the Internet to search for a service; which is creating a platform that emphasizes search based on service and not by business. This is why each business profile can immediately see the list of services the business offer to help customers understand straight to the point what your business has to offer!

Yes! ONJOB was created so that businesses like yours, can easily be found by customers online who are looking for a specific service that you offer!

  • Guide your customers through your list of services so they understand what you offer and other services you can offer that will help them too
  • Point your customer to ALL your Social Media Channels, Websites, and immediately get them to contact you with a Whatsapp link button, telephone button, email, and even Google Map link to send the customer the direction to your shop/office!
  • Track every day each list of services you offer and see which service has the most views

ONJOB Makes Your Business So Easy to Understand!

Yes! ONJOB made a simple Business Profile Page for customers to see what your Business has to offer and click their preferred way to contact you, buy from you, or follow you on Social Media!

Your Social Media Channel in one BIG BUTTON!
Ultimately Replaces your Traditional Website!
Very Fast Your Customer Can See the List of Services You Offer!

Diversify Your Traffic

Send your Twitter Traffic to your ONJOB Profile Page to follow your other Social Media Channels! Send your Facebook Post Traffic about one of your Services to Your Profile Page to read further about you and see the list of services you offer!
Don’t let those traffic go to waste, convert them to your advantage!

Analyze Your Services

Which of your Service is the most viewed? Now you can finally find out!
Each Service you listed on ONJOB comes with its own dedicated analytics.
This means you can now decide which Service you can work on for advertising and generate leads in a more efficient and cost-saving way!

ONJOB Profile Page has made it more simple for customers to find out more on services we offer before visiting our website. With the ability to write further on our services as individual listings, we are able to brief in further detail on our services and track which services has the most views to predict on our next advertising campaign. On top of that, we are getting new leads from ONJOB’s traffic.
Razer Merchant Services

What Other Advantage Can ONJOB Do For Your Business?

ONJOB is more than just an advanced Business Profile Page making platform, it is also a Search Engine Optimized Platform to help each service on ONJOB be discovered in Seach Engines like Google. This means we generate organic traffic from Google to our website and send this traffic to related services like yours. You gain new leads from our platform too!

On top of that! ONJOB has over 50 freelance writers in Malaysia and globally to create unique articles and recommend related services provided by our vendors like you to help boost additional leads to you! See some of the examples below:
– Article guiding customers about Service Aircond for our vendor Sahabat Aircond
– Article guiding customers about Car Service for our vendor DNT Auto
– Article promoting an Electric Car Project for our vendor System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd
– Article guiding customers about the difference between a payment gateway and payment processor for our vendor Razer Merchant Services

From the articles, we have generated, our vendors notice a spike in traffic coming to their Social Media, website, and Whatsapp!

ONJOB has over 80 niche websites for different industries that promote ONJOB’s vendors. Some of the vendors and yours will appear on other partner websites to help boost more traffic to your ONJOB Profile and Services.

ONJOB also sends secret and useful tools and tips to help increase your business sales, traffic, and leads online through the private email list exclusively to ONJOB’s subscribed members.

Additionally, ONJOB will have a list of events in 2023 for our vendors to attend and market their services and products to new potential customers.

Start ONJOB Now

From as little as RM30 / month

Simplified & Effective Profile Page for your Customers!
Most Advanced Listing Page Building for Custom Traffic Strategy!
Daily Analytics for each of your Services!
All Your Links are Organized in one Simple Profile & Service Page!
Gain new leads from ONJOB’s traffic too!

Many Businesses like yours are using ONJOB’s Profile Page to share with their customers

Making Customers Easier To Learn More About Your Business and Your List of Services!

Check out some of the Businesses below

Check out some of the Services that they uploaded

Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot

Q: Do I have to install anything?
No! ONJOB is a web platform so you don’t need to install anything. Just log in and start uploading your list of services and view the analytics!

Q: Is the Platform Secure?
Yes! Security is our top priority, and we built ONJOB on the advanced Cloud Server by Google and Amazon combined with their security system. The site is also SSL certified and focused to be HTTPS protocol

Q: How long are your contracts?
ONJOB is an advertising service that you pay annually. So your access and profile will be active for a whole year and is renewed annually.

Q: If I have any questions, is there someone I can talk to?
Yes! You will receive a dedicated accounts manager that you can talk to and you can also contact us via our Facebook or email.

Q: Do I need to provide SSM / Sdn Bhd profile to register with ONJOB?
Absolutely Not! You can register as a freelancer, just provide IC during registration

Q: What if I change my mind?
ONJOB is a prepaid Advertising Software as a Service (SaaS) that you pay for 1 year of Advertising. This means your Profile and Services will run for a whole as advertising and if you don’t want to use them anymore, you don’t need to pay for the next year.

Q: Is the article writing service free included in the subscription?
ONJOB changes additional rates for article writing services and this may vary on your specification. Contact us for more information.

Q: Do I need to SEO Optimize My Listings?
No! Our Platform will do it for you! Just follow our guidelines and make sure you fill in as much information as possible (ideally 700 words and above) and add at least 3 images. We do the rest!

Q: Can we handle the load?
Yes! Because ONJOB is hosted on the largest public cloud cluster in the world (powered by Google and Amazon with CDN), we have virtually unlimited ability to scale in real-time!

Q: Does ONJOB replace my current website?
No! ONJOB’s platform works to help your website and social media to direct your customers to their specific requests. Your website will work as a more detailed page for customers who want to find out more.

Q: Does ONJOB replace my Google Business Profile?
No! In fact, ONJOB will boost your Google Business Profile when you link the profile to ONJOB’s Business Profile and will boost your online traffic!

Q: Can I just use ONJOB without the need to have my own website?
Of Course! In fact, ONJOB helps businesses save thousands of Ringgit annually when they use ONJOB to replace their website

Q: Can ONJOB sell my Services?
ONJOB has a dedicated in-house sales team to help sell and promote our selected Partner Vendors. To find out more, please contact us.

Q: Can you help me do a better Listing?
Of course! ONJOB provides copywriting services for each of your listings at an additional rate. Speak to your accounts manager for more information.


Join the new movement of Businesses and Entrepreneurs who use ONJOB to Direct Their Customers to a More Simple Page About You and Your List of Services!

From as little as RM30/month, you can start managing your traffic to a more organized page and gain new leads from ONJOB’s traffic too! 2-in-1!!!

Start Now for RM360/year!


First Month On Us!

Entrusted by Small to Big and International Companies, ONJOB has helped many businesses to create a simple business page for their business and improve their customer’s journey to a more simplified and higher conversion solution.

Have further questions? Sure! Drop us a Whatsapp and we will be happy to help!

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ONJOB is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform, a Malaysia Business Service Directory Platform

A Business Service Directory Website is a platform that lists the list of services for a business in a specific category or location. A very useful website for people who are looking for a specific type of service in a specific area and a great way for businesses to gain more exposure, attract new customers, and possibly replace their website.

ONJOB replaces traditional business websites with a more advanced Search Engine Optimization tactical website that helps people on the internet to search for a service rather than a business name. Today, more and more people search on the internet for a service such as “Service Aircond” or “Bookkeeping Service” and find the right service provider near them to get the job done.

This Business Service Directory Platform may not replace business websites with full information about their services or SEO-optimized websites like Aqua Shack. Instead, it will help enhance these websites by summarizing their services in one simple page and listing page for people to briefly read before they find out more information like how Razer Merchant Services has listed their services in summary on ONJOB and link each service page to a dedicated service page on their website for the reader to find out more information.

With ONJOB, your business will be found through the list of services you offer and you can customize each listing with your preferred links and contact details Furthermore, each list of services will have its own data analytics to give you more insights for each listing and find out which services are most searched online.

Who uses ONJOB?

People who are looking for a specific service

People like Saf are looking to move to a new town and are looking for a moving company online. After searching on Social Media and other websites, Saf has some doubts about trust with some of the moving companies he found. When he goes to the ONJOB website, he found a specific listing that can help move his house furniture and gives them a call and they give him a quote.

He decides to go with them and they came to pick him up and drive off to Saf’s new place. They unload his things and everything is in good condition Saf is happy with the service he received from UD Transportation and would recommend them to others.

– Expats in Malaysia looking for a trusted service

Paul is a British Expat living in Kuala Lumpur for over 6 years. He knows finding a local service that he can trust is difficult as a foreigner. Paul used ONJOB to search for a Car Rental with a Driver for his large family visiting Kuala Lumpur and after looking at the two options available at the time, Paul decided to choose the one with the most images and the explanation in the listing gave him the confidence to contact the Driver for quote and hiring.

After a good 3 days of use with Rosli, Paul was highly satisfied with Rosli’s professionalism that he will reuse Rosli again and use ONJOB to find more services in the future.

– Businesses looking for a service

A mobile app developer based in Johor Bahru was looking for a payment gateway solution and has been comparing different options available online until they were unable to decide which is best for their requirement. It was not until they found a Mobile XDK solution listing through ONJOB, and contacted Razer Merchant Services to find out more information.

After a good discussion with Razer Merchant Services, they have decided to go with Razer’s Mobile XDK solution and they are glad they made the right decision. The mobile app developer has reused ONJOB again to find more services for their business and looking forward to seeing more services on ONJOB that they can trust.

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