Malaysia Businesses today has more online resources than before to get their business ready for the digital world and start making sales online from all form of sales channel.

Businesses that can’t be found on Google Maps may lose out on sales from people searching for a particular service nearby. A mechanic may lose a potential sale from people looking to fix a steering issue to a tire shop; because the customer did not know the mechanic was able to help.

There are many online sales opportunities every Malaysia Business could gain if only they prepare themselves properly online.

So, how come Malaysia Businesses are not doing these 5 things to grow sales online? Let’s dive into these 5 things that may help your business to grow online.

1. Google Business Profile

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The most basic and sometimes forgotten is to register for Google Business Profile. It’s free, and you immediately appear on Google Maps. Google Maps and Waze are now the two most used Map apps to go between destinations and search for local businesses nearby.

Today, people search for Nearby Restaurants on Google Maps to select one that suits them and especially check on the Reviews. It is no different from people using Google Maps to search for nearby hardware shops, aircond service providers, accountants, mechanics, and even handymen.

A complete Google Business Profile will help with your chance to win new potential customers on Google Maps better. Especially; if the customers can know what time your opening hours, website link, contact number, latest photos, and most importantly, reviews.

– Register for Google Business Profile (if you haven’t)
– Upload and update the latest photos for your Business
– Get Customers to Review you on Google Maps
– Update your Information, and keep updating
Register for Google Business Profile: Click Here

Fun Fact:
Did you know? You can register for a google business profile even if you don’t have a physical shop.
You can have a Google Business Profile as long as you make in-person contact with customers. You can also have a hybrid profile if you have a shop and can visit or deliver to customers. You can also have a service-area profile if you visit customers directly like a plumber, aircond service, cleaning service, .etc
Set up the right way to ensure maximum search coverage opportunity for your business.
Source and Resource: Click Here

2. List of Product and Services

This is probably the big reason why many business owners are losing out on Potential Online Customers. Customers online behave differently from customers offline. When a customer visits a shop/office, they would take their time on the premise to browse and ask what product or service you offer.

Customers online, however, have the freedom of time and they can take their own sweet time (and come back) to browse your website or social media and read what product or service you offer before they contact you. Customers online also have infinitely more options of businesses to choose from and they will likely choose one with complete information and credibility that suits their preference.

For a product-based business, this would be displaying the product itself with a summary of product information and price. For a service-based business, it will be displaying a complete list of services over the counter or display area with pricing.

Unfortunately, not many businesses in Malaysia upload their complete list of products and services online for online customers. It will lead to potential customers not knowing you can offer what they intend to buy and finding other businesses that have the offer instead.

For example, an aircond service business is known to sell, service, install, and repair airconds. However, they are also able to repair fridge, basic electrical work, and plumbing. For customers, this is a more convenient option to have, a single point of contact for multiple services and when this aircond service business mention these services on their Facebook Page, it is more likely customers will contact you for multiple service request.

Another great example is estate agents. They are known for sale and lettings services but they also have contacts with internet agents, moving companies, local contractors, cleaning services, and more. When an estate agent mentions this additional list of services, potential customers online will see this estate agent as a more convenient option to work with over other estate agents.

So, take some time to prepare and upload your complete list of products and services to your website and social media channels so you don’t miss out on any potential customers that may be looking for a specific product or service.

Fun Fact:
Did you know? Facebook Page has a Services tab that you can add to your Business Page. You can list out a complete list of services you offer on the Service tab with the price so that it is easier for a customer to browse your Page instead of scrolling through your Content feed to find what other services you offer.
Source and Resource: Click Here

3. Social Media

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Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, TikTok, Reddit, Discord, Snapchat, and MeWe; the list of Social Media Channels is growing and there is at least 1 potential customer for your business in each of these Social Media Channels. It may be overwhelming to open all these channels and manage them for content and customer service, so it is best to work with 1 or 2 Channels first.

Which Social Media Channel should you choose? Which has the most customer for you?
It’s best to learn which Social Media Channels your customers are spending time on. You can also ask your past customers which Social Media Channel they are frequently on.
A good guide is open and keep some of the popular Social Media Channels for the future such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

You can focus on a channel such as Facebook as your main Social Media Channel; and add your Facebook Page Link to your other Social Media Channels such as Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. If you have a website, you can instead add your website link to all the Social Media Channels to pull traffic to your website for more information.

How do I find customers on Social Media?
There is a universal strategy for any Social Media Channel and the secret is in the name itself: “Social” Media. The majority of people on Social Media interact with content that is in their interest and mood. People like a photo of ice cream in the middle of a hot day because it looks delicious, people share a video of a cat with their friends because it’s cute; and they want to share that cuteness feeling with their friends.
Your social media posts should give a reason to interact instead of frequently posting your product, service, or awards.

So, try to make a balance between posting social content and marketing content to pull in an audience and interact with your content and your channel. 

Fun Fact:
Did you know? your business name or brand name may have been taken by someone else somewhere on other social media channels. Your business brand may be available on Facebook but might be taken by someone else on Instagram. Use Social Media Handle Checker website to check for your brand name availability across all social media channels at one time and start lock and keep your business brand name.
Source and Resource: Click Here

4. Review Review Review

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Thank You Customer! Oh, Wait! Can help review us?
Sometimes forgot, sometimes shy to ask. This is the tough situation a Business owner needs to make after service has been completed. You might not know if the customer is not satisfied with you and leave you a bad review.

However, a review is better than no review even if it’s a bad one. A review helps with boosting your business credibility online where more potential customers trust you because there are others before they have tried your service.

Dealing with a bad review by responding that you will improve or take action; can help boost your business credibility because it brings out honesty about what you do and that converts to people’s perception, that you care about what you do.

So please, get customers to review your business to help grow the “trust” online. Incentive your customer with coupon or discount if required as this is 1 method of retaining customers.

5. Online Marketplace

Over the last 10 years, Online Marketplace and Business Directory have risen on the internet. Online Marketplaces are convenient platforms that gather customers into one place to search for a specific product or service.

Now, it is easier for businesses to get new customers online by uploading product or service listings on multiple marketplaces that suit their business industry.
You can upload all your products on Shopee where people are looking for products, you can upload your car on Mudah where people are looking for a car. Today businesses can grow online thanks to Online Marketplace and it should be part of every business’s sales channel to register on relevant Online Marketplaces and gather new sales.

Some of the common Online Marketplace in Malaysia are:
The most legend Marketplace in Malaysia, and has been around for a long time. A Marketplace where you can buy and sell everything new or used.

Shopee and Lazada
The online marketplace where you can buy products and ship them to you.

PropertyGuru and iProperty
The online marketplace where you can browse properties available to buy or rent in a specific location.

The online marketplace where people can shop and sell used items

The online marketplace where you can browse verified cars that fit your budget.

A more recent Online Marketplace in Malaysia:
The online expert marketplace where people can now search for verified experts nearby that can help with specific tasks.

So, have your business registered at all Online Marketplaces that are relevant to your business and start growing your sales online.


Malaysia Businesses can now grow sales online better than before thanks to more online resources available to all business owners. With a complete list of products or services made available to view everywhere online, customers can now know what your business can offer and possibly reach out to new potential customers for a specific product or service.

We hope this article has been informative and helpful to business owners across Malaysia. Please do follow us on our Social Media and share this article with people you may know that might benefit them too and for all.

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With ONJOB, you can now list your services as an individual listing for free online and gain new reach to new potential customers. With a complete list of services provided by your business, you can now cover more “Customer Outreach” than before on a dedicated Online Expert Marketplace where customers are browsing for a specific task that you might be able to assist.

Customers can now leave a review on your specific listing for your specific service and make you stand out over other listings. You can also track your listing’s performance and look at the traffic on each listing by day to advance your marketing strategy.

The best of all, ONJOB does not take any commission or fees from your listing or collect money on your behalf. All sales and leads go directly to you; your WhatsApp and even to your Social Media Channels.

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