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Is your Time Internet not suit to your standard? How to Terminate Time Internet?

Moving to a new location and that location is not in Time Coverage? Can Terminate?

For whatever reason, it may sometime be a difficult process to Terminate Time Internet and maybe a costly charge and penalty.

But not to worry, in most cases, terminating Time Internet should be easy and can be done through Self Care. If you are still within the contract period, there may be a penalty charge. Below is the guide to how to terminate Time Internet.

Guide on How to Terminate Time Internet

  1. Login to your Time Self Care dashboard
  2. Click Settings
  3. Manage Plan
  4. Terminate Service
  5. Fill up the form
  6. Submit your Request
  7. Done and wait for Time’s response

In most cases, the response may come through email with updates and notifications. But at some time, they may contact you via the registered number for any clarification.

*Make sure there are no outstanding during the submission as this will help to speed up the process.

Termination Period

Unfortunately, Time Internet requires a notice period and this can vary depending if:

  • Still in Contract – 30 calendar days
  • No more Contract – 7 working days

Once you give the Notice Period, the termination should be complete following the date specified in the submission form as long as there are no additional matters involved.

Termination Penalty Charges

If you are still within the contract period (24 months or extended), there are RM500 early termination penalty (ETP)

This ETP Charge will be seen on the final bill after the cancellation. The final bill will come in the next bill cycle after the service has terminated.

But if contract has finished, there is no penalty charge.

If you are relocating to a new place outside of Time Coverage, Time will still charge the RM500 ETP charge if you are still in the 24-month (or extended) contract.


If you overpaid or there are refunds due, this usually will be processed within 90 days after the final bill is issued. So check your bank account within the period.

For more information on How to Terminate Time Internet, you can visit Time’s FAQ section here

If you prefer to transfer ownership to another person to save cost, you can share your info in the Time Ownership Transfer Facebook Group

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