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The #1 Business Service Directory in Malaysia

onjob.com.my connects people who need help from verified and trusted Businesses and Experts who can help with any job including aircond installation, house painting, dead battery assistance, and many more.

As ONJOB Business Vendor, you get to promote your Business & List of Services you offer and gain new customers and trust by showing you are part of an exclusive ONJOB-verified Business / Expert.

Getting Started

1. Jom Join

Click “Jom Join” which will lead you to our team on Whatsapp and fill in the registration form.

2. Submit Listing

Create your first listing, add as much information as possible, and submit it for review.

3. Share

After the listing is approved, share your listings on your Social Media.

Bagus jugak pakai onjob buat promote kedai cat saya. Dapat lebih banyak wasap message dari biasa lepas posting kat onjob.
Zul – Ehsan Autosport (Kepong)

Ready to advertise on onjob.com.my?

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is the requirement to advertise on ONJOB?

You must:
– Be at least 18 years old and a Malaysian national with a valid NRIC for self-employed and a valid SSM / Sdn Bhd for company.
– Have a minimum of 1 Social Media Channel (or website) for referencing your work and sending inquiries to your channel. If you just started and have no referencing to provide, please contact us for assistance.
– A valid phone number with Whatsapp. The platform will send all inquiries to your Whatsapp number.
Profile Picture or Logo ready to be displayed on your Expert Page.

How long does it take to process my registration?

Normally takes 3 working days, we will contact you if there is any missing information and when registration has been completed.

How long does it take to approve my listing?

Every listing on onjob.com.my will be properly reviewed and verified to ensure all listings are legitimate. This normally takes 3 working days.

How do I get paid?

onjob.com.my does not hold any transactions and funds. All inquiries are forwarded to you via the contact channel you have allowed including Whatsapp. You will deal directly with the customer on the payment terms.

What is the benefit of registering with onjob.com.my?

onjob.com.my is the #1 Business Service Directory in Malaysia. The platform focuses on gathering customers who are looking for specific services to help with their problems across the internet including on social media.
This method can include content marketing, referral, and paid advertising to drive traffic to the platform.
This traffic of customers then input their questions on the search bar and look for the available expert that suits their requirements.

Your listings may appear on some search inquiries made by customers that are looking for certain help. This may lead to customers contacting you for your expert assistance.

What can I advertise on onjob.com.my?

onjob.com.my is a Sale of Service platform. This means anything that requires a person’s time and expertise to get the job done.
Selling of Goods with Services is allowed.
Some examples include:
– Selling your service as a handyman
– Selling your service as a personal assistant
– Selling your Aircond product with installation
– Selling your service for customized travel packages or event planning
– Selling your Water Filter with installation
– Selling your service as a wedding dress designer.
– Selling your service for importing cars or vehicles
and more. Contact us if you have any questions

*You can promote the brands you carry as a Listing to help boost search queries for brand

Anything that is considered a Sale of Goods is not allowed to be advertised on onjob.com.my. This means selling products without the requirement of professional service for installation.
Some examples include:
– Selling clothes, accessories, gadgets, toys, .etc
– Selling of Used Cars
– Selling Kitchen Appliances
– Selling of Car Accessories
– Selling Mobile Phones, Computers, .etc
Contact us if you have any questions.

For Listing Rules: Click Here

Is onjob.com.my free to register?

onjob.com.my is a paid annual subscription package (with various packages available) to allow up to unlimited listings and boost your advertisement online with in-house assistance on improving your listings, article write up, and advertising opportunities with our partner networks. Contact us for more information.

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