Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing

Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing

Get your JDM Pride and Joy washed, protect, and shine using Enthusiast’s product by Enthusiast.

Auto Finesse Miri JDM Car Wash and Detailing
Stock / Retro / Classic / Motorsport / Stance / Auto Show / Revival

Stock or modded, Reborn Detail understands that each part of the interior, exterior, and engine has its special way of care. We will notice when you stud, added CAI, oversized Intercooler, Recaro’d, and even if you de-catted. Yes, we will take extra care too with any cable-tied components and we can polish and shine each cable tie if required.

Reborn Detail is trained by Auto Finesse Malaysia and has complete tools and equipment for any level of delicate care and protection work to the level of the finest ‘Finesse’.
*Add extra horsepower when you Polish and Wax using Auto Finesse by Reborn Detail

When Showroom Shine is just below standard, Reborn Detail can make your JDM machine become Auto Show Shine! Because we know what a winning show car should be. We can re-shine and over-shine those trumpets and throttle bodies (in case you have more than 1) to give that extra edge of cool.

Using Auto Finesse finest chemicals, a product from the United Kingdom with over 20 years of Mastering in Detailing; your JDM machine will be so detailed, can even see again the ori serial number at your 6-pot.

With multiple packages available to suit your needs, you can maintain your JDM machine Auto Show Shine standard while cruising on the streets of Miri and stand out at every Car Meets with no swirls.

Our packages include Auto Finesse Detailing Care Products and Services such as:
– Pre-wash with Auto Finesse Citrus Bug & Grims
– Auto Finesse Snow Foam Avalanche
– Ceramic Aid : Lavish Ceramic Foam
– 2 Bucket System Contact Wash
– Wheel Cleaning with Auto Finesse Verso / Imperial / Revolution
– Rim Iron Dust Removal with Auto Finesse Iron Out
– Basic Body Cleaning
– Detail Body Cleaning
– Engine Bay Wipe Down
– Engine Bay Detailing & Dressing
– Cabin & Dashboard
– Class Cleaning with Auto Finesse Crystal
– Deep Vacuum
– Leather Treatment
– Interior Dressing with Auto Finesse Spritz
– Interior Disinfect
– Interior Wipe In with Auto Finesse Total / Verso
– Floor Matt Cleaning
– Auto Finesse Glisten Spray Wax
– Auto Finesse Caramic Gloss Enhancer
– Auto Finesse Caramic Glass Cleaner
– Engine Bay Protection with Auto Finesse Dressle
– Wheel Sealant with Auto Finesse Aqua Coat
– Tire Dressing with Auto Finesse Sating
– Exterior Trim Dressing with Auto Finesse Revive / Dressle
– Arches Dressing with Auto Finesse Dressle
Each of our packages includes with a selection of the above list and much more
List of Packages available:
– RD Standard Wash
– RD Signature Classic Wash
– RD Signature Ceramic Wash
– RD Pro Wash

Other Services available:
– Finesse Detail
4-5 Stage Paint Correction for Perfection
– Paint Protection (Basic Polish)
For cars with light signs of use or new car
– Enhancement Detail (2 Step Polish)
For vehicles with typical signs of use
– Correction Detail (3 Stage Polish)
Paint Correction 80 – 90%
– RD Bike Detailing Motorcycle & Super Bike
Wash and Detailing for bikes
– RD Auto Finesse Ceramic Coating
12 months protection
– RD Engine Bay Cleaning & Protection
Keep your engine shine
– RD Interior Deep Cleaning
Steam, Vacuum, wash and protect with Auto Finesse
– RD Wheel Off Cleaning & Protection
Deep Wheel Cleaning and surroundings including Arches

Now your TE37, 2JZ, T51R, SR-7, 4-pot, .etc will look cleaner and shinier than ever!

We also have tailor-made Auto Show Revival Detailing for when you require a Winning Show Car. Contact us now and get your JDM Auto Show Shine!

“Praise the lowered, eat my clutch, Reborn Detail will buff out your front rear, and side bumps”

Reborn Detail – Proper Car, Proper Care
Auto Finesse Malaysia Certified Detailer
Miri, Sarawak
Contact us now and let us care for your Alphard / Vellfire back to showroom shine

*horsepower increase is variable from to car – with the same idealogy with adding stickers adds horsepower

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