BrandTag is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows you to apply unique QR codes to your products, giving them an identity that can’t be copied. BrandTag improves the experience of both consumers and brand owners. With it, you can share your product’s journey, create transparency, and enhance your customer’s product experience.

With BrandTag, you can:

  • Enhance transparency by narrating your brand story and sharing your product’s journey
  • Allow customers to Review and Rate your Products
  • Prevent Counterfeits by giving each of your products a Verifiable QR Code
  • Leverage Business Intelligence with BrandTag analytics module

How does BrandTag work?

  • Register your products
    Insert product name, serial number, product image, and information
  • Print and Apply Codes
    Print out the generated QR Codes and apply them to your products
  • Consumer Scan the Code
    Shoppers can use their mobile devices to scan the products
  • Product info is displayed
    Shoppers are able to verify the product authentication and exposed to various marketing experience

No technical skills are needed

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