Integrated Emergency Response System (IERS)

Integrated Emergency Response System (IERS)

The first few minutes of any emergency are critical. Information gathering and sharing utilizing System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd’s Integrated Emergency Response System (IERS) is made simple.

Vital information is acquired and assessed to manage, deliver and coordinate the right resources to execute the best rescue operation plane, by arming rescuers with accurate and real-time information on a live map. Deploy SCS IERS for any emergency incident, regardless of cause, location, or complexity.  Key Features


An observation tool for gathering visuals, scanning, and detecting victims in adverse and other low-visibility scenarios.

Drones can be used as the first step to acquiring the situation awareness of an event. It is able to provide rapid situational awareness and help identify hot spots and assess property damage by capturing imagery for communications and news coverage as well as to search for survivors and for utilities and infrastructure damages assessment.

Operation Planning

Improve the planning process in order to effectively coordinate resources and improve asset utilization.

Planning plays a vital role in assuring proper coordination of assets and resources. The planning is further integrated with live updates from the current operation to further improve the planning process.

Situation Awareness

Preparing vital information about the environment and all the elements affecting the situation.

Information gathered by the observation team and drones can be correlated into a live map which is updated in real-time. This will effectively assist in building up the mental model of the situation at hand.


Effectively coordinate rescue operations and ensure the safety of the rescuer and victims.

Real-time tracking of rescue units can be plotted on the map to further enhance the coordination of the rescue activity in ensuring the safety of the rescuer and victims which while effectively coordinating the secure operation.


Analyzing the information gathered in order to manage, control and mitigate the immediate effects of an incident.

Analyzing critical information about the situation of the event and gathering vital information on location, assets, and equipment is aided by a built-in analysis module.

Situation Report

Updating the status and changes during the entire operation phase and collecting information for further analysis.

Information updates of the rescue operation are logged and can provide automatic reports that accurately visualize the status of the rescue operation and aid planning.

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