Integrated Operations Command Center (IOCC)

Integrated Operations Command Center (IOCC)

Integrated Operations Command Center – Real-time City-wide operational awareness for smarter and safer cities by System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd

A complete City Operations Management platform that monitors and operates the city business operations and services. It supports the standard operational planning cycle; from incident reporting, responding, and tracking of all actions to closing the loop of the incident.

– 3 tiered stack open platform for sensors, applications, and data integrations
– Analytical dashboards for real-time situational awareness
– Monitoring critical parameters
– Readily Built-in Modules
– API Engine for third-party enterprise systems integration

Key Features

Situational Awareness

  • Map Based Situational Awareness of Assets, Events, and Resources
  • Map Tools include features such as route, location, and tracking
  • Search Functions

Alarms & Notifications

  • Alerts from IoT devices such as CCTV Camera & Analytics, Body Worn Camera, UAV, Environmental sensors
  • Alerts are displayed on the map and automatically routed to respective responders

Real-time Operations Monitoring

  • View real-time operations
  • Dispatches resources and assets based on analysis
  • Reporting via Mobile apps
  • Customizable based on the client’s standard operating procedures.

Reporting & Analysis

  • Summary of operations
  • Interactive dashboards with drill downs
  • Provides actionable intelligence

SIGHT Aware360

SIGHT Aware360 core modules include Computer Aided Dispatch, Complaints Management, Patrol, Dispatch & Reporting, Guarded Community, Emergency & Rescue, and Analytical-powered Video Surveillance. Our most coveted module is the Pothole Management Complaints module which consumes Waze potholes reports and closes the loop in all of Selangor’s state local councils.

SIGHT Aware360’s core expertise is based on 27+ years in Command & Control for the military & high-availability communication applications that have been used in more than 150 military bases nationwide.

SIGHT Aware360 has a ready API to ingest data from real-time inputs 24/7 from an unlimited array of sources in any format to provide a holistic high-level view.

Complaints Management

  • Complete reporting, dispatching up to closure
  • Integrated CCTV and other sensors
  • Mobile apps

Guarded Community

  • Useful for police, guarded communities, enforcement
  • Reports plotted on the map based on time & location

Patrol, Dispatch & Reporting

  • An integrated platform for guarded communities reports from PBT can be integrated
  • Show types of community-related crimes at a specific date
  • Dispatch patrol to a location via mobile phone

Emergency & Rescue

  • Readiness of rescue and emergency units
  • Display the location of the incident
  • An efficient way of reporting through mobile devices

Video Surveillance

  • Integrated platforms for alarms & notifications
  • Able to integrate to FR, ANPR, Body Cam, Drones / UAV

Computer Aided Dispatch

  • Call Handling
  • Event Dispatching
  • Event Statistics
  • Event Monitoring
  • Event Map

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