Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITMS)

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITMS)

Big Data and AI-Driven Solution

The Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITMS) is a combination of key components that enable the automation process of obtaining traffic data from Automatic Number-Place Recognition (ANPR) and Traffic Flow (TF) cameras. By System Consultancy Group Sdn Bhd

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System is a traffic monitoring system utilizing CCTV analytics and maps that provide functions for measuring vehicle distance, the number of vehicles, speed, vehicle plate numbers, traffic volumes, travel time pattern, congestion level, generating analytical reports, managing traffic lights, and monitoring from Command Center.

Stuck in Traffic? We Feel Your Pain

Traffic jams are a major problem in Malaysia, either in Klang Valley or in other cities like George Town, Ipoh, Melaka, and Johor Bahru. Hundreds of thousands of people are affected daily by what seems like a never-ending problem. Commuters stuck in the daily work commute or the weekend and festivities traffic could lead to far-reaching impacts on the community’s wellbeing, productivity hours, economy, and environment.

Klang Valley workers are estimated to spend 44 hours a month in their vehicles due to traffic jams. This is not just a loss of productivity hours from work and family but also has a toll on the physical, emotional, and mental health of the people. In addition, idling vehicles use more fuel than moving vehicles which is harmful to the environment, and a waste of money and resources.

Intelligent Traffic Monitoring System (ITMS)

Collect real-time traffic data, detect and count exceptional traffic incidents or behaviors, read and capture vehicle license plate, speed and vehicle type, store image and license plate of a vehicle that causes issues as proof of evidence to authority, and develop methods to predict and reuse traffic congestion in the pilot area, develop video management module, and develop a traffic monitoring system.

Smart Traffic

Traffic jams are a result of poor planning and outdated infrastructure which could be addressed with Smart Traffic solutions.

Smart Traffic is a system that can program traffic lights to respond to real-time traffic conditions. It employs a combination of cloud-based computing and analytics to automatically adjust traffic lights to optimize traffic flow.

Alternatively, enforcers can remotely monitor real-time information on the management system platform and alter the sequence of traffic lights manually.

With Smart Traffic, we shall be able to improve the reliability of travel time, reduce congestion through smart traffic flow, increase the efficacy of traffic signals timing, and reduce the number of stops resulting in saving fuel time and reduction in carbon emission.

A smart camera solution to traffic congestion

Using a camera powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), we shall be able to interpret the volume and velocity of approaching traffic, distinguish different traffic patterns, identify different types of vehicles, and detect different weather conditions. This is possible with image recognition computer vision and processing analytics, without the need for any additional sensors or devices.

AI and reinforcement learning would enable us to dynamically control traffic lights by responding to real-time traffic data with the goal of suiting the best traffic flow in order to shorten traveling time and reduce traffic.

This solution will continuously improve the traffic signaling length and sequence based on different traffic conditions which will eventually smoothen traffic more efficiently and reduce traveling time.

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