Lite Computer Aided Dispatch (LCAD)

Lite Computer Aided Dispatch (LCAD)

Lite Computer Aided Dispatch (LCAD) is a suite of seamlessly integrated CAD software applications used to initiate a public safety call for service record, to dispatch to maintain the status of responding units and resources in the field, and to generally manage incidents from the initial time it is reported to the conclusion of the incident.

by System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd

City Government
Public Safety
Law Enforcement
Fire & Disaster Management
Emergency Medical Services

Key Features
– Ability to create multiple events with a single event entry
– Process event information
– Auto-locate the address of the location of the event
– Validate event location
– Pre-defined incident types codes
– Display SOP based on the type of incident
– Geographic Visualization of Events, Units, and Assets
– Real-time event monitoring and logs showing all received calls, activity analysis, response time
– Workload Activity
– Provide warning notification of held event generated
– Ability to override event priority
– Upgrade/downgrade event based on priority
– Conference Call
– Allow call stacking
– Call Recording
– Check duplicate incidents
– Blacklisted call database
– Call out to LTE, external or internal phone
– Virtualize event data in charts
– Map Integration
– Display items on the map
– Display suggested responder units based on distance and ETA
– Dispatcher has the option to auto-select or selects manually from the unit list

Event Dispatching

  • Dispatch Events to units on the field
  • Dialpad to make calls (Dialpad shortcut button)
  • The system recommends which unit to dispatch

Event Statistics

  • Display status by event category
  • Display distribution of event types for the month
  • Display event type in a pie chart
  • Display the event type based on the time reported (scatter chart)
  • Filter events by start and end dates

Event Map

  • Plots symbols of event location and status
  • Plots symbols units location and status
  • Plots symbols camera location and status
  • Filter symbols by type
  • Search symbols on the map
  • Display event, units, and camera list
  • Display notification / alerts

Event Monitoring

  • Display a list of all active events
  • The user is able to search, sort, and organize the list
  • Select an item on the list to display detailed event information on the detail panel
  • The user is able to modify information about the event
  • Once an event is cleared, by the units on the field, the user can close, re-dispatch, or create a report of the event

Call Handling

  • Receive call for service
  • Calls are integrated with the ICP functions
  • All calls are recorded
  • Automatic event creation via call (or manual creation)
  • Process event information
  • Identify associated calls / events
  • Display SOP based on event type
  • Suggest agency responsible based on event type
  • Auto located address and position of the event, based on the location of the event
  • Plot location of the event on the map
  • Confirm event information before assigning it to Dispatcher
  • The user is able to automatically assign an event to Dispatcher or manually select Dispatcher for the event

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