Police C4I System

Police C4I System

Police C4I
Command & Control, Communication, Computers, and Intelligence by System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd

Central Command

Provides accurate situation awareness of the events for better coordination and command of resources

The Central Command consists of integrated modules focused on aiding decision-making by providing all the information needed through Reports, Statistics, and Event Information. It also provides real-time vehicle tracking off all the units and can be integrated with the closed-circuit television, and cameras with intelligence features.


Provides real-time dispatch information of events and report updates to Central Command

The Responder module aims to aid First Responders to arrive at the scene by presenting accurate and timely information. The application installed on mobile devices provides tracking information as well as communication with the Central Command through messages and bulletins. Images from the scene of the event can be uploaded and geo-located to supplement its Auto Field Reporting capabilities.

Integrated Communication Platform (ICP)

Integrated Communication Platform (ICP) provides all the features needed for a call handling process.

The ICP integrated features include Call Pickup, Hold Call, Conference Call, Transfer Call, and Call Playback. All these features will aid in the call handling process and data logging of events into the system.


Effectively aid the dispatching process of an event to responders by providing complete event information

The Dispatch module focuses on dispatching units or first responders to the incident location as fast as possible. Its ability to identify the status of the units in patrol and the priority of an event makes it a reliable system to dispatch units rapidly and accurately to the scene of the incident. All the related information as well as the status of incidents are effectively monitored.


Provides all the information needed for an event in order to generate complete and timely reports.

The system will trigger reports generated from the units on the field in real time. The reports are saved and logged according to the timeline of the event.


Provides notifications and alarms of the status of the event in real-time for better situation awareness

All events are monitored through the GIS map for better situation awareness. This will provide decision-makers with a better understanding of the event in order to efficiently coordinate and command their resources.

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