ONJOB (www.onjob.com.my) is a website for people offering their Services; not a sale of products.
You can sell products that require installation for example:

  • Aircond with Installation
  • Outdoor water filter with installation
  • Custom kitchen cabinet with installation
  • Smart Door Lock with installation

While some customers may want or prefer to buy the product alone without installation service, that is fine and permittable.

Some list of examples of products that are not allowed to sell on the ONJOB marketplace are:

  • Used Cars / Motorcycles / Bicycle
  • Mobile Phones / Computers
  • Handbags / Jewellery / Used Clothings
  • Gardening Tools / Plants & Flowers
  • .etc

*You can however submit a list of brands you carry as individual listings to boost traffic for each specific brand

Rules of the Website:

  • No MLM / Referral Marketing / Network Marketing Posts, unless it is a Service related Product (to be manually reviewed and approved)
  • No Spamming at Listings, Comments, and Messages
  • No Duplication or Similarising of the same Service
  • No hate speech, bullying, or racism
  • Be kind and courteous
  • Respect everyone’s privacy
  • ONJOB is not involved and not responsible for any dealings, negotiations, or engagements between Vendors and Customers
  • Please provide authentic photographs, information, contact details, and personal information. ONJOB will not be responsible for any copyright/trademark infringement made by Vendors
  • ONJOB reserve the right to suspend indefinitely anyone who is in breach of these rules
  • ONJOB reserve the right to decline any listing that does not follow the rules & any listings that may be inappropriate
  • All vendors are required to have an image on their Profile Picture (photo of a person or logo)

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