It is important to submit your listing with as much information as possible to ensure you get the best outcome from each of your listings. Your listings should be filled with as much information as you can provide to educate viewers who may become your potential customers. Below is the Guide to Submit Listing in 3 steps

Step 1: Click on the Submit Listing icon

On your mobile device, press the plus (+) button on the top right of your mobile screen. While at your computer, press “List a Service” at the top right of the screen.

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Step 2: Add Details

Add all the details required and fill in as much information as possible. The following details are required for the listing to be approved:
The category of your listing (for example Mechanic, Plumber, Office Movers, .etc)
Please upload a minimum of 1 image *The best dimension is 800 x 800px (squared) and jpg format; if uploaded out of recommended dimension, the system will auto resized to fit
Write your Service here that will be displayed on the search (for example Absorber Installation Service Kepong, or 2 bedroom apartment cleaning service)
*Service Locations
Please select all the locations that you are able to travel to and service
– Price Options (optional)
It is recommended to write your price so that viewers know in advance the rough estimate or exact price you charge to reduce cold inquiries. There are 3 options for pricing to suit your service including Price From (A), Fixed Price (B), and Hourly Rate (C) – Please Select one
– Payment Method (optional)
Get customers ready in advance to pay you when the job is done. So let them know if you accept Bank Transfer, E-Wallet, or only cash
Let viewers know how much time in advance you need for your service or if you require Contact for Quote First
– Warranty (optional)
Some services may include a warranty, let viewers know if any of your services come with a warranty
– Website, Email, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter (optional)
It is good to share with viewers all the available social media pages that you may have to boost your credibility and let viewers see your work or even contact you via social media
Every listing requires a Whatsapp number to send potential customers to you, if you leave it blank, the system by default will use the contact number from your profile to be displayed on the listing
Fill in your service details here and write as much information as possible about your service so viewers understand what is the offer and what is included in the service

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Step 3: Submit for Review

Once you add all the details, click on “Submit Listing” at the bottom of the page and you have completed the steps to submit a listing. Your listing will now be reviewed, normally the process of review takes 3 working days and the admin of ONJOB may contact you if there are any issues.

onjob - guide to submit listing in 3 steps -3

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