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The MyKar Project is the brainchild of Ir Datuk Khalilur Rahman Ebrahim, who set a mission to develop affordable electric vehicles here in Malaysia. With System Consultancy Services (SCS) as a technology developer, a collaboration was made with local companies DNT Auto and DK Composites to produce the first prototypes. The MyKar project, while still in the startup phase, is focused on producing an indigenous EV not only for the Malaysian market but also for the ASEAN region.

Currently, MyKar is on its third iteration (MyKar 3.0) and the project has adopted the conversion model in which a readily on-the-road model is used as a base to produce an EV. A well-known A segment Malaysian-made compact car is used in the latest MyKar model and is currently undergoing the final phase of prototyping.

MyKar 1.0

the mykar project by system consultancy services and dnt auto - onjob
The MyKar project by System Consultancy Services and DNT Auto

System Consultancy Services started from a ground-up approach where a readily available ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) based chassis and body were redesigned and modified to an EV platform with the cabin, interiors, and body remade into a working car. The B segment MyKar 1.0 body, made from composite materials by DK Composites, was first unveiled in Sepang in 2020 with a range of 180km. To simplify the design, it adopted an in-wheel motor approach, and the batteries were placed within the seating cabin of the vehicle.

MyKar 2.0

As homologation issues began to pop up, a more practical approach was adopted to the development of which, instead of building a car from the ground up, System Consultancy Services decided to use an already available platform. The concept of deletive design was adopted, and a Malaysian-made two-door pickup truck was chosen as it has ample battery space, which we can experiment with. The idea worked, and we were convinced that this approach is feasible, leading us to develop the third and latest prototype, MyKar 3.0.

The MyKar Project

Using a Malaysian-made A segment compact car, the goal is to produce a working prototype and proof of concept that, indeed, an affordable, locally designed EV is possible. Similar to the previous approach, we used a deletive design in which unnecessary components (engine, gearbox, fuel tank, .etc) were removed to make space for batteries and the EV control system. To ensure that cost remains low and to ease the adoption of mass manufacturing, most of the external and internal features of the car were re-used, such as the dashboard, speedometer, and even fuel gauge (which now tells the battery capacity).

Performance Data


LifeP04 (Lithium Ion Phosphate)

Capacity: 230Ah / 23kwH


12kw x 2 (24kw)

32hp (nominal) 72hp (peak)

Car Specifications

Weight: 891kg

Control System: In house

Direct drive in-wheel motor

Normal charging 230V 32A: 4 Hours

Range: 225 KM (real-world driving)

*manufacturer’s claim

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System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd (SCS) is a Malaysian company founded in 1993 with six engineers. A vision to utilize High Technology and a mission to offer the best solutions and services to our clients including defense and enforcement agencies, state government agencies, and large corporations. Today, we operate for subsidiaries with a core of more than 90 scientists and engineers who are specialists in electronics, communications, and information technology.

Our area of expertise is in Command and Control (C2), Communications, Search and Rescue, and Surveillance. We offer solutions for System Integration of large and complex applications, using the latest technology and Artificial Intelligence. Our current projects include Smart Cities, Safe Cities, Smart Grids, and Self-Healing Networks.

System Consultancy Services is your thinking company. By thinking together with clients, we find innovative ways to address their needs and requirements.

Our think-tank meets regularly to find and refine ways to meet any given objectives, often delivering the desired solutions exceeding the client’s expectations.

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