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Scroll down the Instagram feed and found something you link, click on the description and see the word “link in bio” to find out more about the product or service. You go to the bio and click the link and it sends you to a landing page and sees options available to either go to a website, their Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, WhatsApp, or anywhere else. Similar to the screenshot below:

screenshot of beacons ai from a malaysian instragram profile shahasan22 link in bio
Instagram – shahasan22

If you doing digital marketing then you know adding a link at the “link in bio” in your Instagram and other Social Media is compulsory to drive your audience to your other sites and social media from Instagram or anywhere else. As we know, platforms like Instagram have a limit of 1 link.

In this post, we will explain to you what is a link in bio, how it benefits, and why you should start leveraging this opportunity as soon as possible in Malaysia!


Link in bio is a term used in a content post to explain to the viewers, audience, or followers that the link that they looking for is located in the main Profile (bio). This started because of Instagram where the platform itself does not allow adding links to each post until recently.

In effect of the situation, content creators and businesses had to find a way to explain to their followers that the link is located in the bio. And so, the word “link in bio” starts to appear on every post on Instagram.

Adding a link to your Instagram bio is pretty quick and simple. Go to your profile and tap on the “Edit Profile” button, then in the “Website” field, just add the URL (link) you want to add to your bio.

Below is a screenshot example of where the link is located in the bio of an Instagram Account

For businesses, adding links to their website or their other social media account is vital to send the interested audience to your website or other social media account for any kind of conversion including sales.

The same goes for content creators, adding links will benefit by sending the interested audience to their other social media channels such as Youtube or TikTok, and increase their followers in the other channel and increasing views.

For whatever reason may be, adding links to the bio section for all Social Media Profiles will benefit greatly in sending interested audiences to your preferred platforms.

You probably wondering what people in Malaysia normally put in their links and here are some examples we commonly see from Instagram and TikTok Profiles:

Yes, the most common link from 2020 to 2021 is the Shopee link to the account/creator’s Shopee store. It comes as no surprise as, during the pandemic period, Social Media consumption by users and creators has raised by crazy percent including TikTok users grew by 85.3% in the US! 81% of the total population in Malaysia are active on Social Media in 2020! A lot more than half the population is online!

Many new creators, avid content creators, and businesses started online businesses especially in Shopee during the pandemic and they would push all the traffic they can get to their Shopee Store link with the goal to convert the audience to buy the product they sell.

As the trend keeps rising, so does Shopee Affiliate Links where content creators would create a product review platform in any of their preferred Social Media channels and earn commissions from the Shopee sales.

For the non-Shopee Sellers, the next common link to be seen in Malaysia is social media links in the bio. If you go to a TikTok profile, you would see the creator would add either Instagram or Youtube links in the bio section to drive the interested audience outside to another Social Media platform to increase followers over there and increase views to the content especially Youtube.

A similar goes for Instagram profiles where creators would add their TikTok or Youtube link in the bio.

Most business accounts in any Social Media would add their website link to the bio with the number one key goal of making a sale (similar to Shopee sellers) or letting the audience read further on their blog / article post.

Before the pandemic, this would have been a very popular link to be seen by businesses but this trend has changed recently to a different marketing strategy to increase sales and brand awareness. The new and uprising trend for businesses is now using the Landing Page Link in the bio.

The next common link we would see in Malaysia is the WhatsApp Link. This link is commonly used mostly by agents for any type of conversion goal.

Not only agents, the WhatsApp link is also a commonly used link in the Service industry as the drive conversion to close a sale in the service industry is by direct communication which in Malaysia, is through WhatsApp.

Landing Page Link is the uprising trend to be used by all types of businesses and content creators. Because of the limitation to adding more than 1 link on platforms like Instagram, Landing Pake Link helps with his solution by adding all the social media links, WhatsApp links, and Website links; creating a landing page to place all this link is the solution for any kind of interested audience.

Landing Page Link is not only used by small to medium creators on Social Media, International Corporations too, use Landing Page Link to send interested audiences to their other Social Media Channels, website, and promotions like Adidas Malaysia:

screenshot of an istagram profile adidasmy with link in bio - onjob malaysia
Instagram – adidasmy

A Landing Page Link (or some call it a link in bio link) is a single link that can connect your interested audiences to everywhere you exist online (Social Media Channels), your website, and all the ways people can contact you. This type of link enables you to share many links in one landing page as per the first example so your interested audience and customers can find and select everything they’re looking for in one place.

You can add links inside the Landing Page Link like TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Website, Shopee, email, WhatsApp, Telegram, Promotions, Detailed Service Links, and so much more!

A Landing Page Link is a powerful link because not only it gives you the ability to add so many links on one page, but it can also help send different types of interested audiences to the right places. For example, an audience who just wants to see your other social media could immediately find you through the landing page link. The interested audience could visit your website to find out more and the highly interested audience could click the WhatsApp link for further information and sale.

Landing Page Link has not only become a more popular link in the social media world (with over 50+ million creators and businesses worldwide), it has also replaced the traditional website link as the more preferred choice for businesses, especially during networking.

Landing Page Links will be the most common links to be seen in Social Media bios as it helps to capture all types of interesting audiences whether it is to follow you on other social media channels, buy your product on your website, or find out more information about you and your business in general. As the internet is gearing towards the Web3 generation, Landing Page Links will help centralize all the links (including metaverse, and NFT links) into one place; making it easier for your audience to choose.

There are a number of landing page link builders available but the two most commonly used in Malaysia are Linktree and Beacons. These two landing page link builders are available for free and premium and pretty straightforward to build.

You can build a Landing Page Link with ONJOB and build a very advanced 2-in-1 Landing Page to be used on your Social Media and during networking and at the same time, to generate new leads online through ONJOB’s audiences and through Google Web Searches.

ONJOB’s Landing Page Link Builder is built to be highly advanced, following the Web3 market (future industry) where our landing page not only gives you to add all your social media links, email, website, google maps links, contact links, and WhatsApp link, it can also add a list of services your business offer to let your audience know exactly what you do and what you can do.

This helps to reduce the audience’s wastage time on a website trying to find out more and services a business has to offer (and potentially lose interest) by listing out immediately the list of services, the brands you offer, and many more inside the landing page itself.

ONJOB’s Landing Page was able to increase audience sales & lead conversion by 37.6% for our vendors so far. All because we help their audience immediately find out the list of services that our vendor has to offer just like Razer Merchant Services and My Phone Station.

On top of that, each of the Lists of Services you created (as listings), comes with its own analytics so you can see which services have the most views so you can take this data for your next marketing strategy. And, each listing comes with its own social media links and web links so you can have separate links from your main page and for each of your listings. A very useful tool especially for Agencies.

We did mention 2-in-1 yes? ONJOB is the #1 Malaysia Business Service Directory Platform, which means we have audiences visiting our website every day looking for services from trusted vendors like you and getting new leads! We also help our vendors as part of the Service Directory Platform by generating articles (just like this one) and featuring a few vendors (or dedicated) inside the article to help promote our vendors and generate new leads for you!

Here are some example articles we made for Dropee, Razer, and System Consultancy Services Sdn Bhd

All this starts from as low as RM30 per month to grow your business online and convert your customer more efficiently with a highly effective and proven landing page format by ONJOB. Find out more

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